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Although “all men are created equal”, Activity Professionals face the trials and tribulations of meeting the needs and interests of a diverse population. Traditionally there are many more women than men in health care facilities.  Our Activity calendars often reflect an abundance of activities that are female-oriented such as crafts, cooking, domestic activities, and beauty groups, with the occasional Men’s Club making an appearance.  We are striving hard to overcome this challenge and provide programming that is specially designed for the male population.No two men are alike, and both of them are happy for it. Men, just like women, have a variety of leisure and recreational interests so it is impossible to develop a “one-size-fits all” approach. However, we ask our men monthly about what they as group would like do for their “Men’s Social”. The men in our facilities may find interest in some of the following : sports, cars, trucks, trains, boats, planes, outdoor work, building, woodworking, painting,  politics, military, police, fire and rescue workers, fishing/hunting, nature and outdoors, animals, music, movies, physical games, exercise, community trips, children, board games, collections (coins, stamps, sports cards, matchbox cards, model trains, etc.) and parlor/casino games.  We are striving to expand our Quality of Life program to include todays technology, therapeutic environments, and community outings.

After a lengthy hospitalization for sepsis and hypertension, Pauline Banning was admitted to St. Peter Villa with decreased strength, endurance and functional mobility.  She had been living with her spouse who was helping her with most Activities of Daily living.  After losing her caregiver/spouse, it was determined that there was a huge possibility that she would require long-term care services for her basic wants and needs.  From her admission on 6-2014 to 9-2014, Ms. Banning received extensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy to address her functional mobility, activities of daily living and cognitive linguistic retraining to make a determination of where she would be most safe and appropriate.

On September 5, 2014, Ms. Banning, accompanied by one of the therapist who worked extensively with her during these past weeks, boarded a plane headed toward Boston (where her closest family resides), and walked with supervision into her new independent living facility.  She was released with her mobility and ADL’s measuring at the modified independence level.  Ms. Banning’s abilities were much higher than her family expected and the rehab team at St. Peter Villa is quite proud of her progress in rehab and the hard work she endured during her resident stay.

SHC Hall of Fame

For those unable to attend a SHC Hall of Fame ceremony, we’re bringing the celebration to you with four sites that were selected to have their ceremonies broadcast live via our website.

On October 9, 2014, 99 Signature HealthCARE centers across the southeast and midwest will induct over 400 distinguished individuals into the Hall of Fame, in local ceremonies featuring celebrity speakers and presentations about the inductees lives and accomplishments.

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The Hall Of Fame is an innovative Quality of Life Program developed by Signature HealthCARE designed to honor the lives and accomplishments of our residents, stakeholders, volunteers, and others who have had such an impact on our centers, communities, and nation.

On October 9, 2014, 87 Signature HealthCARE centers across the southeast and midwest will induct over 350 distinguished individuals into the Hall of Fame, in local ceremonies featuring celebrity speakers and presentations about the inductees lives and accomplishments.

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Signature Healthcare at St. Peter Villa hosted a spectacular Senior Olympics right on the grounds of our beautiful facility.  Our long term care residents competed against our short term patients in the Hall of Fame Café. Quality of Life Director Shawn Xavier Jones and Director of Rehab Services Maria Miranda decided we would join our efforts to involve both of our disciplines in this fun filled event.  Our residents practiced and prepared for about 4 weeks which included us making our very own tie dye shirts that were worn in our parade of Champions throughout the facility.  Regardless of placement, every resident was awarded with an Olympic Medal.  1st place in Basketball was won by John Parks,  1st place (tie) in Darts Wilbert Smith & Judy Kirby.  Name that Tune was Emerson Boyland, and 1st place Jeopardy was James Tarbutton.  Thanks to the entire Quality of Life and Rehab Team for making this a great success enjoyed by all.  

Special thanks to our work-study student Alex Parker who lead our Arts and Crafts class this week.  We salute our youth for working with and learning from our growing population of our elderly and culture changers.

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Simply put a drumming circle is a group of people arranged in a circle experiencing the spontaneous creation of music on a variety of drums and percussion instruments.  What is special about our drumming circle here at St. Peter Villa, is that our very own residents and staff, created the drums with ordinary tools/supplies you find in your household everyday.  They have managed to make beautiful music without spending a fortune.

Drumming circles are a fun, exciting and powerful way to bring people together through music.  It can enhance through visual, auditory and kinesthetic ways of learning.  Our residents enjoy the interaction between their peers and our stakeholders.  It also allows you to relieve any tension and stress that may have built up in  your body.   Drumming is an overall great form of music therapy.

Each year Signature HealthCARE at St. Peter Villa participates in the company’s annual art contest.  This contest is held among our residents in all of our current facilities nationwide.  Above are some of the entries St. Peter Villa submitted.  We truly have a lot of talent residing in our facility.

Our residents decided this past Spring that they wanted more fresh vegetables planted in our Alzheimer’s Garden this year.  The consensus decided we would plant tomatoes, cucumbers, egg plants, beans, strawberries, and bell peppers.  The cucumbers grew and produced so fast that we had our first Fresh Salad Social on July 2, 2014 featuring ‘Homegrown cucumbers”.  The salads were filled with spinach, romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, cheese, eggs, olives, bell pepper, green onion, croutons, and your choice of a favorite salad dressing.  The smiles of the residents and stakeholders told the story of how well they enjoyed this treat.  Thanks everyone for your support, we look forward to fried green tomatoes soon !

Shawn Xavier Jones

Each year during Carnival Memphis our residents have the pleasure of a visit from the Secret Order of Boll Weevils.  They are a non-profit organization chartered in 1966 that travel and participate in the Cotton Carnival Memphis.  They delight the residents with their mask, beads, and harmless fun.  The Royal Court Carnival Queen and King grace us and take pictures and shake hands with the residents.  They really look forward to the annual visit.