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Thank you for visiting Signature HealthCARE at St. Peter Villa. If you have any questions about our facility, please call (901) 276-2021.






Veterans of Signature Healthcare at St. Peter Villa were honored for their service our country by attending a special lunch at Applebee’s Restaurant. A special menu was prepared just for them; they had choices of having either a double crunch shrimp dinner, chicken penne, fiesta lime chicken, sirloin, and oriental chicken salad. These gentlemen were very appreciative to the staff and were also treated to a special ceremony of recognition by Crossroads Hospice. Each resident was presented with a certificate, given a pendant, and partook in refreshments thereafter.






Guests arrived at the 2015 Hall of Fame ready to celebrate the life accomplishments and achievements of residents Wilma Gambling McCoy and Jean Bowen, stakeholder Sharon Smith, and community volunteer Mary A. Rogers.

The facility was decorated with Mardi Gras festive décor, and Dietary Manager Donna Sutherland prepared a Louisiana menu, which everyone enjoyed. Our featured guests included news anchor Kendall Kirkham from WMC TV – 5 and Jonathan Donald, a representative of Congressmen Steve Cohen who gave proclamations for the congressman’s office.

The Elite Chamber Singers of Memphis provided their musical talents for our event. Resident McCoy stated, “I never thought I would receive anything like this.”






Our residents are treated to a “Happy Hour” every week with hors d’oeuvres and drinks. This party allows our residents the experience of going out on the town without leaving the facility, and to put icing on the cake, a live band is featured twice a month.

The Goddess of Blues was the featured artist on Friday, Oct. 9, 2015, and she had an awesome performance. We look forward to her return.






Residents at Signature HealthCARE at St. Peter Villa attended Senior Day at the Mid South Fair. There were plenty of exhibits, games, shows and great food for all to enjoy. Earl Woods even struck a pose with the entertainers on stilts.






Residents at Signature HealthCARE at St. Peter Villa created pumpkin treats out of marshmallows covered with white and dark chocolate. Everyone placed their own popsicle stick in the marshmallow dip and swirled it in their favorite flavor of chocolate.

Resident Maude McBroom stated, “This was so much fun and they are so cute.”  Our residents look forward to possibly making these treats for their Halloween Party.






Accompanied by his wife, DJ Michaels delighted the hearts of our residents by singing and dancing to many tunes from the 50s and 60s with a featured playlist of Elvis Presley music. He also includes gospel, country, and rock n’ roll in his performances.






As Election Day is approaches the city of Memphis, we are preparing to elect new officials to manage the city. Namely for the positions of city mayor and council positions at large.

The residents of Signature HealthCARE at St. Peter Villa exercised their right to vote by absentee ballot thanks to the efforts of the Shelby County Election Commission and our Quality of Life team.

One of the deputies stated, “Your process is very organized and professional, we enjoy coming to St. Peter Villa. Hats off to Activity Assistant Yolanda Holmes & S. Xavier Jones, Quality of Life Director.”






Singer Ruby Wilson, who is known as the “Queen of Beale Street”, shared her melodious gift of singing with the residents and stakeholders of Signature Healthcare at St. Peter Villa on Friday, September 11, 2015.

She was born in Texas and moved to Memphis, Tenn. to start her professional singing career when she was sixteen years old. Fellow musician B.B. King is her godfather, and Wilson is a house staple at B.B. King’s Blues Club in Memphis, Tenn. The anticipation of her visit grew day by day as her performance drew near.

Ms. Wilson was accompanied on piano by Rashene Webb, who played perfectly. We look forward to her return to warm our hearts for the holidays.

Stay tuned!






Special Projects Deborah McGraw brought her 1952 Chevy pickup for the residents to enjoy. The pickup truck was a gift from her husband, and she shared the joys of this exotic masterpiece with the residents by giving them an up-close view and demonstrating its powerful engine.

The entire dash is digital, and it currently burns airplane fuel. The residents grinned from ear to ear, enjoying this time machine from their era.

“Our residents look forward to the spontaneous events at Signature Healthcare at St. Peter Villa, and we strive to keep their expectations alive each day,” said Shawn Xavier Jones, Quality of Life Director.


The residents of Signature HealthCARE at St. Peter Villa received special recognition on Sunday, Sept. 13 for National Grandparents Days. Many of the residents were excited to share stories about their grandchildren, and they also received a special certificate acknowledging them for being a role model, family historian, teacher, friend, and confident.

“Grandparents can do more for us then anyone else in the world: they sprinkle stardust in our eyes.” – Alex Haley

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