“Blessing of the Hands” Helps Celebrate CNA Week at St. Peter

National Nursing Assistant Week was June 9th through June 16th. St. Peter Villa values the role that our nursing assistants (CNAs) play in the day to day lives of our residents. From assisting with meals to assisting with dressing and bathing, our CNAs place the needs of our residents first.

One of the ways we celebrated CNA week was with a “Blessing of the Hands” celebration, led by our chaplain. Chaplain David Elkins visited all three floors on all three shifts to meet with each CNA individually.

Using a scripture from Exodus (17:11–13), Chaplain David reminded our CNAs of the importance of the hand. He told the story of Moses holding his hands in the air during Israel’s battle against Amalek. As long as Moses’ hands remained raised, Israel prevailed. Whenever Moses would lower his hands, Amalek prevailed. But the hands of Moses would often grow weary. When that happened Aaron and Hur would come to Moses’ aid to support his hands, one on one side and one on the other. Thus Israel defeated Amalek that day.

Chaplain David reminded the CNAs that just as Aaron and Hur supported Moses’ hands when he grew tired, our CNAs support the hands of our precious residents when they can no longer support or care for themselves. The hands of each CNA were then bathed in cool water and anointed with a fragrant lotion. This symbolized that the CNAs at St. Peter Villa are like a sweet fragrance to our residents. Then a blessing was said over each CNA.

Restorative Aid Vivian Hayes said it was a wonderful experience to participate in this service. It encouraged her in her work and in her faith. It also reminded her of the importance of what she does day in and day out at St. Peter Villa.

To all of our CNAs at St. Peter Villa, “Thank you. May God give you encouragement, wisdom, patience and strength for your ministry to His most precious servants at St. Peter Villa. May He shower nothing but choice blessings upon you. And may give you a strong body, and a sound mind as you serve Him.”

–Chaplain David Elkins