November Thanksgivings

November is such a “thankful” month.  It begins with All Souls and All Saints Day where we are thankful for of us as “saints” and we remember “those that have died”.  We then turn to our Veteran’s and give thanks for what they have done to protect our country.  We had a wonderful celebration at St. Peter Villa with a touching ceremony followed by food and fellowship in the Hall of Fame Café.  We honored 26 veterans.  We had our resurvey and performed marvelously.  For this we are very thankful.  Yesterday our residents enjoyed Thanksgiving by sharing food together or with their families.  Many of the stakeholders were with their families or remained at the Villa to serve our “resident families”.  Sunday is the last day of the month and we will begin the greatest thanksgiving event of all, Advent.

Advent is a new beginning.  With the universal church, we are invited to prepare our minds and hearts to celebrate the Christmas mysteries.  Rich opportunities will be our to welcome Jesus more deeply into our live, be it through the pondering of Scripture, reaching out to the needy, or celebrating the sacraments week after week.  Hopefully, our enthusiasm will be sustained  and that we grow in wisdom and love.

In his opening address inaugurating the Second Vatican Council, Pope John XXIII stated. “In this assembly, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we wish to inquire how we ought to renew ourselves, so that we may be found increasingly faithful to the Gospel of Christ.”  Is this not also the purpose of our Advent season?