Peace in the Storm

And Noah and his sons and his wife and his son’s wives entered the ark to escape the water of the flood.  Genesis 7:  I enjoy Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein’s commentaries and would like to share some of what he said.  We have been under great stress at St. Peter Villa with everyone working very hard but sometimes we fill overwhelmed.  Once again we learn that God is always the answer.

A number of years ago, an art gallery ran a contest to see who could create the best painting that portrayed the idea of peace.  There were many worthy submission.  There was a magnificent painting of a sun setting over the tranquil waters of a pristine beach.  Another depicted lush pastures with rolling green hills and a placid lake.  Still another entry showed fresh snow in the mountains with a small log cabin glowing with the light of a warm fire within.

Yet none of these peaceful scenes won the prize.  Instead a most unlikely contender was award first place.  It was a painting of a storm with lightning flashing and winds blowing through the trees of a rocky cliff.  But if looked a bit closer, you could see why it was the winner. In the cleft of the rocks was a mother eagle with her wings spread out over his six sleeping chick.  It was the picture of peace.

Friends, peace isn’t the absence of storms in our live.  There will always be storms that come and go.  Peace is the ability to remain tranquil through the storms, taking shelter under the wings of our God like the baby eagles in the painting.

I think another good depiction of this idea would be a painting of Noah in the ark floating above the waters of the flood.  All around Noah, the water were raging; death and destruction were taking place all around him.  Yet Noah and his family found refuge in the ark.  The name Noah means “conform” and “rest”  Noah was able to stay at rest during the storm.

Let us all take refuge in the arms of our Lord during these hectic days in our daily lives.

Chaplain Mike Blome`, Director of Spirituality