Recent trip to Dominca

My wife and I have been to the Caribbean many times but never to the Island of Dominica.  A small island near the end of the chain of islands, just north of Barbados.  It is very poor and none of the glitzy hotels and  countless Diamond International stores.  We went to the south end of the island where the Caribbean and Atlantic meet.  You a jetty projection in the water you can actually put one foot in the Caribbean and the other in the Atlantic.

As we were returning to the main town and to return to the cruise ship we stopped at St. Luke’s Primary School.  A Catholic elementary school with a number of innovative programs such as its agriculture program.  It has two Catholic nuns in charge and an American Peace Corps volunteer as the art teacher.  We were met by the Peace Corps Volunteer.  She proudly showed us here room, a separate concrete structure with no air-conditioning and no windows either.  The children had been making Madras Gras masks for the upcoming carnival and parade.  For over 250 students the art room consisted of a few pieces of paper, a few broken crayons, my grandchildren would have cast into the trash, as well as a few “stubby” pencils.

I offered a small contribution before leaving but with a dedication to send that Peace Corps volunteer some supplies.  I am working through my churches Ladies Guild and our Knights of Columbus to obtain some contributions so that we can send the school some much needed supplies.  I can only imagine what $200 or $300 worth of Dollar Store crayons, pencils and supplies can do for this school.

We are so blessed in this country.  It took a small wayside trip to St. Lukes on the Island of Dominica to say, “Something must be done!”