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Memphis Redbirds Baseball Outing

On June 20th, the residents of St. Peter Villa enjoyed a beautiful day out at the ball park! The Memphis Redbirds were kind enough to donate tickets and seven residents were able to attend. The group was seated comfortably in the shade with no threat of a rough pop-fly. They enjoyed music and the entertainment of watching America’s favorite pastime. Although our favored team did not pull a win against the Iowa Cubs, our residents cheered loudly, enjoyed a pleasant lunch, and went home with pictures with the mascot as well as with some souvenirs!

Nursing Home and Nurse’s Week

Signature HealthCARE at St. Peter recently celebrated National Nursing Home and Nurse’s Week. We kicked off the celebrations on Mother’s Day by passing out bouquets to our resident and nurses during our special celebration. On Monday we passed out goodie bags to all nurses with candles, lotions, candy, and cards to show how much we appreciate all the compassionate work that they do. On Tuesday we surprised them again with fresh coffee and world famous Gibson’s Donuts for the early shifts and a free snack cart for those working in the afternoon. Wednesday was full of special fun because the activity department organized a Stakeholder Car Wash and a visit from an all-inclusive Snow Cone Truck. On Thursday we had a facility wide Ice Cream and Cake Social with all of the fun and fixins’. Residents enjoyed a “Make Your Own Ice Cream” activity that was a huge hit. We wrapped up a great week on Friday by passing out candy bars that read “Random Acts of Big Heartedness” to reflect this year’s theme of “It’s a small world with a BIG heart!”

Residents at St. Peter Villa Exercise Their Right to Vote

SPV voting

Thanks to the Shelby County Election Commission and the Quality of Life Department, the residents of Signature HealthCARE at St. Peter Villa cast their Presidential votes on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 in Memphis, Tennessee. The process of constantly updating our list has been challenging, however we maintained a very organized and proficient election process. Anyone who qualifies for receive an absentee ballot will be assisted until the cut off time due to our services being expanded to short term residents.

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Intergenerational Programming Embraced

Long-distance grandparents and grandchildren are common, and may result in growing tensions between young and old. The Quality of Life Department at St. Peter Villa is providing opportunities for children to learn and interact with our seniors as well as for our seniors to share their talents and enjoy being with children for meaningful experiences.

Education, friendships, and caring are main components that we are targeting as we build these relationships. Thanks to the Ks. Karen Carlson and the National Learning Center, our residents enjoyed over 15 visiting preschoolers (along with their parents) and a flash mob of ukulele players performing for the residents. These little ones handmade Valentine cards that they personally gave all in attendance.

Mardi Gras Celebration 2016

Mardi Gras is always a fun and festive time at Signature Healthcare at St. Peter Villa. Enjoy these snap shots of our King and Queen as they were adorned with their royal garments. Thanks to the Quality of Life team and dietary departments for all of their hard work!

Meaningful Exercise and Music

Various techniques are used to motivate the residents to exercise and increase their dexterity. Using our parachute is one of the many items we use to engage residents’ involvement in movement. While most gross motor activities for the elderly develop muscles in the lower body more than the upper torso, parachutes strengthen primarily shoulder, arm, and hand muscles.

Our residents also enjoy music on a daily basis. On January 12th, we had a concert featuring the Music Makers of the St. Lewis Center for everyone. The seniors came to sing and play various instruments to entertain the residents. We all had a hand-clapping good time!

Building a Quality of Life for All Residents

National Activity Professional’s Week is approaching January 17-23, 2016. It is a week created to give honor and recognition to those dedicated individuals who contribute so significantly to residents’ quality of life. Pictured are a few residents engaged in some lower functioning activities that include memory cards, identifying playing cards, and reminiscing. Thanks to our dedicated team for all of the patience and love they bring to our facility.

Annual Employee Christmas Party 2015


Stakeholders of Signature Healthcare at St. Peter Villa were all smiles this year at the Annual Employee Christmas party. There were plenty of smiles, well wishes, and Christmas gifts for the entire staff.

Special thanks to our fantastic dietary staff for preparing the food they all enjoyed.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Veterans at St. Peter Villa Honored

Veterans of Signature Healthcare at St. Peter Villa were honored for their service our country by attending a special lunch at Applebee’s Restaurant. A special menu was prepared just for them; they had choices of having either a double crunch shrimp dinner, chicken penne, fiesta lime chicken, sirloin, and oriental chicken salad. These gentlemen were very appreciative to the staff and were also treated to a special ceremony of recognition by Crossroads Hospice. Each resident was presented with a certificate, given a pendant, and partook in refreshments thereafter.