Ms. Hazel Dale hadn’t been able to walk, talk, or eat for three years due to a sudden illness. This left her very depressed and never wanting to get out of bed. She would request for her blinds to be closed, privacy curtain pulled around, and all the lights be off.

Eventually she started getting out of bed and into a wheelchair with daily motivation from family and staff. She began to enjoy quality time with her sister, Mary Ann, playing tic tac toe and working jig saw puzzles. One day, while sitting in her chair, she got up and began to walk without any help from staff. It was amazing! This was the beginning of Ms. Dale taking her life back. She said, ,

One day while Ms. Dale was taking an afternoon nap her tracheostomy tube became dislodged and her stoma had begun to close, which made it impossible for a tracheostomy tube to be reinserted. Ms. Dale didn’t want the tracheostomy tube reinserted. She said,”God did this because I promised him I would continue to serve him if he allowed me to walk out of here.”

Ms. Dale is now free from all the things that had her unable to care for herself. She speaks with residents and staff daily, telling her story and letting them know that through God all things are possible. She appreciates all the time and support that the staff has given her while here, and she will truly miss everyone when she transitions back home with her family.

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